Dakota Wrestling Club
                                             Latest News                        Updated 11/9/15

                        2016 Club Registration

    Club registration for this season is closed.

                    Novice Exception Application

    MYWAY Metro has a rule that only first year wrestlers are considered novice. If
    your wrestler is a second or third year wrestler and you believe they are still a
    novice, please complete the novice application from the Metro website and submit
    to Coach Greg for consideration. This needs to be completed asap.

                                 Picture Page Updated

    A large amount of pictures have been uploaded to the team's photobucket account.
    follow the link on the photo page to view them.

                                                    Twitter Updates

    Daily updates regarding meetings, practices and tournaments will primarily be
    made through Twitter this year. I encourage everyone to follow the link in the
    banner and sign up to follow us on Twitter.

    The right side of this page will also show the latest few tweets.

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